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New Directions

A Raise the Age program for Teens Going Places, Going Strong

This is a new program for adolescent young women providing treatment/education as an alternative to incarceration as part of the new Raise the Age legislation. Many young women enter the criminal justice arena as a result of substance use or risky behaviors related to substance use.  We have open beds for 16 and 17 year old females.

New Directions is a gender-responsive, intensive residential treatment option serving 8 young women, ages 16 and 17, at our Schenectady residential facility at 122 Park Avenue. These adolescents historically have entered the criminal justice system prior to the enactment of Raise the Age legislation in the state. A multidisciplinary team delivers an innovative program model to help young women address factors that lead to criminal behavior and work toward successful community reintegration. The team integrates trauma-based interventions, substance abuse treatment, clinical support, behavioral health services, skill development through educational, vocational, and recreational opportunities, case management, and aftercare planning with residents and their families.

Referrals for placement of qualifying youth will come directly from the counties.

The program is led by a director and includes a clinician, a case manager, a coordinator of educational and vocational services, supervisors, and a team of direct-care workers and support staff to provide full 24/7/365 supervision and support. The facility also provides coordinated healthcare through its medical team, and features indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and a fully staffed kitchen.

Staff members receive comprehensive specialized training relevant to the issues residents face and benefit from organizational participation in a statewide Raise the Age learning collective in partnership with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).

Each resident has a specially tailored educational program built in partnership with Northern Rivers’ special education school, the School at Northeast, as well as a network of community partners community organizations. Workforce readiness and vocational skills are provided through a facility-based program and partnerships with local schools and organizations.

Reintegration and Aftercare
Families are engaged at the beginning of placement, and clinical sessions are held both at the Schenectady Residence and in their home. The targeted length of stay for residents is 8 months, with an additional 4 months in aftercare (12 months total). Each resident has a permanency plan and a supervised conditional release and aftercare strategy, developed by leveraging internal community-based resources along with external partners

Nicole Madlin

Education & Vocational Coordinator at Northern Rivers Family of Services

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New Directions Program
122 Park Ave
Schenectady, NY 12304

New Directions Program

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