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The Healthy Capital District Initiative (HCDI) website is intended to help community members and policy makers learn about the health of the community. It provides local health data, resources, best practices, news articles and information about community events. In keeping with HCDI mission and values, it is important that the site provides balanced information on a broad range of topics affecting the health of our community and highlights the assets in our community.

HCDI brings non-biased data, local resources and a wealth of information to one, accessible, user-friendly location. The intent is to give our community the tools we need to read and understand the public health indicators that affect the quality of our residents' lives. The tools can also help the community set goals and evaluate progress. Community groups, schools, health associations, chambers of commerce, tourism and many other organizations can use this information to show the great benefits of living in the Capital Region as well as opportunities for improvement, with specific information. Master planners and government can use this data to establish community goals on a variety of platforms. The data is updated whenever source data is updated providing the most up-to-date information of its kind.

The evolving nature of this website allows all users of the HCDI website to contribute information and ideas. The promising practices section highlights exemplary programs and successes of local, state and national health departments; it also allows individuals to search for information when they face a similar situation or as a resource. Our goal is to strengthen and build healthier communities through the provision of state-of-the art web-based assessment and improvement tools. We hope you find it beneficial.

Kevin Jobin-Davis, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Healthy Capital District Initiative

E-mail: kjobin-davis@hcdiny.org

Healthy Capital District Initiative
175 Central Ave.
Albany, NY 12206

Healthy Capital District Initiative

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