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Noteworthy Resources of Albany, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community resource service where we create a space in time for individuals to come together freely to receive resources and support to cultivate their evolving aptitude.

Our mission is to strengthen our community with holistic wellness & resources to bridge gaps in our community by educating & empowering all walks of life.

Noteworthy Resources hosts a variety of networking, educational & empowering workshops to build & enhance individuals' sense of belonging in their community. We provide resources that focus on community & individual needs regarding self-esteem, resiliency, wellness, mental health, personal &/or entrepreneurial growth.   

“No one should be feel left out or discouraged from education & empowerment opportunities based on money.”

Our resources focus on enhancing an individual’s holistic health; so we provide resources regarding grief and loss, mental health, addictions, entrepreneurial seminars, women empowerment & access to physical, emotional, social & academic personal growth.

The support & opportunities we provide to our community brings residents & local leaders together to address challenges & facilitate a greater sense of community inclusion and diversity. We encourage locals to host their own workshops that build their self-esteem, public speaking, their knowledge and impact on the community.

Our ultimate goal is to give individuals access to holistic resources (mental, physical, emotional & social) and promote positive change in our community.

Noteworthy Resources
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Noteworthy Resources

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