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Rensselaer County Department of Mental Health

 For 40+ years, Rensselaer County Dept of Mental Health has maintained responsibility and a commitment to the mental hygiene needs of our residents by monitoring and continuously improving the system of behavioral healthcare services delivered in the county. We work collaboratively with a consortium of agencies that serve individuals enrolled in programs funded by the NYS Offices of Mental Health, Office of Persons With Developmental Disabilities and the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. Committed to excellence, we provide comprehensive mental hygiene services that promote resiliency and recovery.

Unified Services, Rensselaer County Mental Health Department provides the following programs:

  • Unified Services for Children & Adolescents Outpatient Clinic
  • Forensic Services
  • Rensselaer City Center Outpatient Treatment
  • Non-Medicaid Care Coordination
  • Hoosick Falls Satellite Outpatient Treatment
  • Health Home Care Coordination Services for Adults
  • Services to residents of Private Proprietary Homes for Adults (PPHA)
  • Children’s Health Home Care Coordination
  • MICA (Mental Illness and Chemical Addiction) Outreach and Assessment Services
  • Medicaid Service Coordination
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAP)
  • Single Point of Access – SPOA (adult housing and children and youth care coordination)

The Substance Abuse Prevention  Team (SAP) is positioned throughout local school districts in Rensselaer County.  SAP’s are Master Level Substance Abuse Prevention counselors who utilize science based programming.  This program is funded through New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.:

  • Elementary Level
  • The SAP’s at the Elementary Level provid
  • e substance abuse prevention to elementary schools. Services include curriculum presentations, assessments, group counseling, referrals, interventions, consultations, science based programs and family programs.
  • Middle – High School Level
  • The SAP’s at the Middle – High School Level provide short term individual counseling, assessments, crisis intervention, referrals, science based programs and family programs. Services also include educational presentations, consultations with parents, school staff and related community individuals.

    For all life-threatening emergencies call 9-1-1

    National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK(8255)

    General Info. Call now:
  • Unified Services: (518) 270-2800
  • Hoosick Falls Center: (518) 686-0694
  • Rensselaer Center: (518) 463-8869

Website:http://www.rensco.com/departments/mental-health/  Contact: Jennifer Haggerty, email: JHaggerty@rensco.com

Rensselaer County Dept. of Public Health

Mission: The promotion of health and prevention of disease, injury, and disability.

Serives: Flue Shots, Stop Heroin Now! Coalition, Healthcare visits & awareness for cancer, diseases & etc., Health education, Resources, Rensselaer Recovery Helpline, Breastfeeding, Coalition, Life Registry, Safe Sleep

Location:Ned Pattison Government Center, 1600 7th Ave, 2nd Floor, Troy, NY 12180  Main Number:  (518) 270-2655

Children with Special Needs / Nursing  Fax Number  (518) 270-2973
All other divisions of Health Dept.  Fax Number (518) 270-2638

Hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm   After hours emergency line call: 518-857-4660 Website: http://www.rensco.com/departments/public-health/

Rensselaer County Departments
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Rensselaer County Departments

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