Mission:The Troy Drug-Free Community Coalition (Troy DFCC) is a partnership of concerned community members organized for the purpose of reducing substance abuse among young people.

Vision: Troy Drug Free Community Coalition has a vision of building a healthier, safer, more prosperous community for all in the City of Troy.

Located in the home of Uncle Sam, the Troy Drug Free Community Coalition convenes diverse community sectors to prevent substance abuse among our youth specifically for our middle and high school students. We work towards the vision of creating a healthier, safer and more prosperous Troy by implementing evidence- based environmental strategies that are proven to reduce substance abuse among our youth. Team have been working on a variety of projects educating their peers in the Lansingburgh School District on the fact that most kids are not using marijuana and alcohol


415 River Street 3rd Floor Troy, NY 12180

(518) 272-8289ext216

Email: TroyDFCC@triponline.org