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Whether you’re a teen, parents, educator or community member we are all in this together. This partnership empowers everyday people to transform their path and communities.

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Change doesn’t start with just policymakers, academics, or government officials. It doesn’t happen spontaneously or through luck. It begins with YOU and YOUR neighbors. Together we have the power to transform our community. All it takes is one spark to ignite a movement. Learn more about how our partners empower and help transform our community.


Learn about our partners who prevention educators and advocates that help support healthy communities and prevent underage drinking, drug abuse and other risky behaviors such as early sexual activity, school delinquency and teen violence.


Get in touch with our local Family Support Navigator will guide, educate and support individuals and families struggling with addiction issues by assisting them in communicating their loved ones history and current needs appropriately and guiding them through the addiction treatment and recovery process.


Find support & treatment facilities who are committed to improving the lives of men, women, and families throughout the Capital District who are healing from alcohol and substance abuse addiction.



of high school seniors have reported that they drank alcohol in the past 30 days

Mindful Ways to Help Someone With an addiction: be understanding and imagine yourself in their shoes, providing self-care habits with family and spouses, rewording conversation to be supportive/motivational and coming up with a plan and strategies.

Marijuana can speed the heart rate up to 160 beats per minute

In 2016 amphetamine use without medical supervision appears to be higher in college students than their non-college peers. Ritalin use is 2.4% vs. 1.6% and Adderall use is 9.9% vs. 6.2%, respectively.