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Mission: Our goal is to promote a culture on the Mountain Top that reflects and promotes “neighbor helping neighbor.” Through this caring, service-based community we will seek to address a variety of needs, including but not limited to addiction, recovery, family services, suicide prevention, nutrition and health-employing a holistic wellness-based model.

Building Connection and Community- Our Story:

About two years ago light was shed on the rising levels of drug abuse and fatal overdoses. It was clear that throughout the country we were facing a major issue and action needed to be taken. What research began to help inform people was that this was not just a “city problem” but something that was hugely affecting rural communities. In 2006, rates of rural drug overdose surpassed those of urban areas, and it has now become something we are seeing within our own community in a devastating way.
A group of individuals from our mountaintop saw what was happening within our communities, as so many individuals and families were being touched by addiction, and they decided to take action. So, a coalition was formed by business leaders, clergy, medical and mental health professionals, local agencies, first responders and local citizens with the mission to work together to address the issue of addiction within all the towns making up our mountaintop neighborhood.
Our goal and primary focus has been on bringing hope and recovery to the mountaintop by breaking down stigmas and creating a community where people can experience connection. Through community organization, connection, and collaboration with local services and groups we are going to bridge the gaps and barriers often seen in rural settings to accessing help. Our hope is to provide assistance in navigating the support network system and advocate for the under-serviced and under-privileged through a neighbor helping neighbor approach. We are continuously working on identifying problems often found in a rural community and identifying ways that we as a community can come together to spark a positive change.
We hope that as you connect with us more you will join us on our mission to build this community and make recovery not only possible but successful. Connection is key for not only those recovering from addiction and mental health but also for those facing the everyday struggle of life. Our team at MAC is always open to help and we hope that you are able to use us as a support and community throughout your journey.
Email: themountaintopcares@gmail.com

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Mountain Top Cares

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