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Our Partners, CHAMP & ACCA’s Family Support Navigators have teamed up to provide communities with a presentation about their FREE resources & support for Mental Health & Addictions care.
Our presenters will be sharing information about Community Health Access to Addiction & Mental Healthcare Project (CHAMP), New York’s mental health & addiction care ombudsman program & the Addictions Care Center of Albany, Inc. (ACCA)’s Family Support Navigators. We will explore how to utilize these FREE resources for all New Yorkers to overcome barriers to accessing mental health & substance use disorder services, as well as insurance rights to care, the latest COVID-19 updates, & more.
Meet the presenters:
Lynn Goldberg, Clinical Social Worker, CHAMP Project Specialist, NYS Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.– In this role, she provides outreach and education about the NYS mental health and substance use disorder ombudsman program as well as training and technical assistance to the CHAMP project regarding mental health and addiction care concerns. Prior to CHAMP, Lynn’s work was focused on the New York Medicaid transition, providing leadership to health plan staff to ensure access to care management, treatment, and community based supports. Lynn is mental health clinician, with a diverse background of practice and leadership roles in behavioral health, medical, and managed care settings. She is a graduate of Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work and has lived and worked in the Capital District for more than 30 years.
Stephanie M. Campbell, Director, NYS Behavioral Health Ombudsman Program — After receiving her MA from Columbia University, Stephanie worked as a journalist and later a lobbyist at Powers, Crane & Company. Lobbying led her to the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate, where she honed her policy and legislative skills. While working for a former chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Stephanie became interested in education and pursued her MS in Adolescent Education at the University at Albany to become a high school social studies teacher. After teaching for a few years, Stephanie pursued her MSW and CASAC-T certification at the New York University Silver School of Social Work. Stephanie joined Friends of Recovery – New York (FOR-NY) in 2015 and worked at the state and national levels to humanize, organize and mobilize the recovery movement – by reducing stigma, advocating for changes in public policy, and promoting a culture of recovery. In October 2018 Stephanie began serving as the Director of the Independent Office of the NYS Behavioral Health Ombudsman program to oversee the implementation of a new statewide initiative designed to ensure that New Yorkers access their insurance coverage for substance use and mental health services.
Daniel McLarney, Senior Family Support Navigator, Addictions Care Center of Albany, Inc.– While being in long-term sustained recovery from Substance Use Disorder, Dan knew he wanted to share his knowledge and empowerment with others who have also struggled with addiction. After achieving his credentials as a CASAC-T, CPRA-F & CARC, Dan started working at the Addictions Care Center of Albany, Inc. as one of their Addiction & Recovery Family Support Navigators to help families and community members navigate treatment options, provide resources and support to assist them in their path to recovery and healthy living. He facilitates weekly family support groups, attends local community coalition meetings, events and town hall meetings to spread awareness of his support services. Dan is dedicated to serving each and every individual with kindness, compassion and hope.
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